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Why Choose This Course?

Diploma in Veterinary Technology (T45)

First and only poly to have an on-site veterinary clinic, TP Animal Clinic, where students get hands-on clinical training in real life animal sterilisations

First and only poly to have an aquaculture research station at a floating fish farm

First and only poly collaboration with Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre, allowing students to have clinical training in a real hospital setting. Read More

First and only poly to be awarded the Conservation Fund from Marine Life Park, Resorts World Sentosa. Read More

The Course

Thought of developing vaccines and therapeutics to save animal lives or doing investigative research into animal and aquatic diseases? How about enhancing your pet health and wellness or breeding endangered species for conservation? 

The Diploma in Veterinary Technology is the only course that focuses on industry-oriented practical training in veterinary and aquaculture science. You will also have an opportunity to delve deeply into investigative and applied research in either bioconservation, aquaculture or veterinary science. With fully equipped animal and aquaculture facilities, fish farm as well as an on-site veterinary clinic, students will receive up-to-date applied training to stay current and meet the manpower demand in the veterinary, aquaculture, biomedical research and pet industries.

All students will go through clinical training at the veterinary clinics over a year in addition to the on-site applied and experiential learning at the industry workplace as part of the internship programme for at least 6 months. Students will also be able to take on non-diploma core modules such as entrepreneurship, innovation, problem solving, design, foreign language or business fundamentals as part of the holistic training programme.

Further Education Opportunities

Graduates of the Diploma in Veterinary Technology are able to gain entry into various degree courses locally as well as overseas. They may apply for admission into degree programmes in medicine, dentistry and life sciences at NUS or degree programmes in biological sciences at NTU. Our recent graduate from Academic Year 2010/2011 was awarded the Nanyang Scholarship Award from NTU (Read Shermaine's story here)

Many overseas universities allow direct admission to the second year of selected degree programmes based on overall students’ performance in their diploma courses as well as the availability of places. In addition, most of the top overseas universities offer advanced standing to our Diploma graduates. Murdoch University offers direct admission into the second year of their Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery for students with excellent diploma results.


Career Opportunities

Our graduates can work in either biomedical research or veterinary industries. You may be employed as a veterinary technologist in veterinary clinic/hospitals, or as an animal education officer/assistant, animal health inspection assistant or technical support officers in animal welfare organisations, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore, animal quarantine centres and pet shops. You may also work as an animal technologist in animal facilities at research/tertiary institutions or pre-clinical trial centres. You could also be a sales and marketing executive in pet feed or accessory companies and companies promoting veterinary/scientific equipment.  


Minimum Entry Requirements

English Language (EL1)*Grades 1-7                  
Mathematics (E or A)Grades 1-6                 
One of the following Science subjects #Grades 1-6                 
Any two other subjects, excluding CCA-

# Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science, Engineering Science, Physical Science, Physics, Science (Chemistry, Biology), Science (Physics, Biology), Science (Physics, Chemistry)

*Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/Unified Examination Chinese (UEC) holders must have a minimum of grade 6 for the relevant English Language subject (e.g. Bahasa Inggeris).

Note: Applicant with complete Colour Appreciation Deficiency are not eligible to apply.

See also the minimum entry requirements for:

See also the minimum entry requirements for:


Graduation Requirements

Cumulative Grade Point Averagemin 1.0
TP Core Subjects19 credit units
Diploma Core Subjects99 credit units
Cross-Disciplinary Subjectsmin 9 credit units
Total Credit Units Completedmin 127 credit units



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Notable Features
  • The only polytechnic diploma course to offer real-life training at the TP Animal Clinic
  • The only polytechnic diploma course to be granted a 1-year exemption from the Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery offered by Murdoch University.
  • TP is recognised by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore as the leading training provider for the pet and biomedical industry

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